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By the Glass WineKiosk

Animating and increasing sales

The attractive By the Glass® Winekiosk opens up the opportunity for a wide range of customers to discover and taste wines independently.

The By the Glass® WineKiosk provides an inviting, hygienic and cost-effective way for customers to independently discover and taste wines at retail.

The company By the Glass® is the global market leader and inventor of interactive wine tasting. Thousands of international partners trust in the reliable quality and outstanding service every day. 


For customers in the trade, the technology offers an appealing, hygienic way to independently discover and taste wines that are guaranteed to be compelling thanks to ideal temperature and protection from oxidation.

Above all, however, the attractive, illuminated bar furniture ensures a spectacular, highly visible highlighting of the high-quality wine offer. This presentation appeals to a generation of consumers who like to find their way around the range themselves, responding particularly to strong visual stimuli.


The perfect presentation of your wines

by the glass Winekiosk

The wine tasting for retail

Perfectly tailored to business stationery and placement at the point of sale, it inspires wine-savvy customers.

The "By the Glass all-in WineKiosk" comes with individually customisable bar furniture. A wide colour palette and various decors leave nothing to be desired. 

The vinotheques have an intuitive user interface with a clearly highlighted submission button for the programmable sample sip. 

The programmable automatic dosing system enables up to 50 sample sips (15ml) to be obtained from a bottle of wine, and always in convincing quality from the first to the last sip. 

More turnover in the smallest space

The compact, modular systems for 2, 4, 6 or more wines can be easily integrated into any shelf with an installation depth of just 23cm.

Each module forms a separate temperature zone for two wines and an independent unit that you can use flexibly, for example also mobile for events and changing set-ups.

The intelligent, arbitrarily expandable plug-and-play technology grows with your demands and ideas for interaction at the point of sale.

Edeka Berlin Südbahnhof

Get started

Well positioned - whether modular individual units or the pre-configured complete solution with service package and display.

WineKiosk POS
4 bottles

Your entry into the world
of wine entertainment

2 Dispensers
for four bottles of wine

WineKiosk POS
4 bottles

Your entry into the world
of wine entertainment

250,00 EUR

per month*

WineKiosk POS
8 bottles

The perfect all-in solution
for up to eight wines

4 Dispensers, Digital Display, Warranty & Service Package, Maintenance

WineKiosk POS
8 bottles

The perfect all-in solution
for up to eight wines

450,00 EUR

per month*

* plus VAT. (+one-time 650,00€ net for training, installation and delivery), without cabinet

Your benefits

By the Glass Winekiosk

Taste, rate, share, never forget a wine you like!

The By the Glass® WineKiosk is the modern way to taste wines in an uncomplicated way, let your customers decide for themselves whether they like the wine and whether they are willing to pay the price for it.  

Recent studies have shown that when customers choose their own wine, customer satisfaction increases significantly. 

Let your customers taste and increase the shopping experience and wine sales. 


Increase in sales

Increasing wine sales through tasting contact


No fear of consultation and contact also complementary to the sommelier

Perfect quality

Perfectly tempered and perfectly preserved through the use of nitrogen

By the Glass® Winekiosk is the world's unique direct connection of the wine experience with the information and interaction possibilities of the internet. 

To gain access to an attractive selection in a By the Glass® Modular wine station, the customer must register once via e-mail.

For more information, please contact us! 

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